Every collector or investor wants his or her collection to retain high value and quality. Therefore, the following principles of care must be observed:

  • First of all, choose a room with a constant temperature and low humidity for long-term storage of products.
  • Exposure to chemicals that may be released from furniture, paints, textiles, plastics, etc. (especially sulfur, chlorine and acids) can cause oxidation or coloration of the surface of products. The same reaction can also be caused by long-term and intense exposure to sunlight or UV radiation.
  • For this reason, the products must be stored in special plastic capsules that prevent air ingress and protect against mechanical damage, dirt, dust and other adverse effects.
  • Do not open the capsules and do not take the products out of them! They can be very easily devalued.
  • Violation of these rules will expose the products to external influences and any claims will not be accepted.

The Czech Mint - it's not just coins and medals. You will also find jewellery in our offer. How to treat them so that they look like new for as long time as possible?

  • Protect jewellery from mechanical damage.
  • Take off jewellery in case of contact with water, in the sauna, at bedtime, during sports or physical exercise, etc.
  • Avoid contact of jewellery with chemicals - perfumes, sea salt, chlorine, etc. Do not use jewellery in environments with sulfur and iodine.
  • Store jewellery in the original box, preferably separate from other jewellery.
  • Exposure of jewellery to the above side effects, as well as people with aggressive sweat and people who are ill or take medication, may change the appearance of the surface of metal parts - such as yellowing and blackening.
  • To clean rhodium-plated jewellery, use only a soft cloth soaked in lukewarm water with detergent. After cleaning, dry the jewellery thoroughly.
  • If the jewellery is damaged, do not repair the product yourself, otherwise you will lose the right to a warranty claim.
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