Czech Mintmarks

Czech Mint uses three mintmarks. All of them express values honoured by the mint, i.e. top quality and, in case of coins and medals struck from precious metals also high artistic value and flawless craftwork. Thanks to medal makers’ individual approach, each medal is an original unique piece that is highly valued by collectors.

Mintmark letter “b“ with a crown used for circulation coins

The first mintmark, letter “b“ with a crown, relates to the origin of the company. Czech Mint was founded on 1 July 1993 as an autonomous production division of the joint-stock company Bižuterie a.s. in Jablonec nad Nisou. It used letter “b”, the first letter of the word “bijouterie” (i.w. glass jewellery), as its brand sign, the crown above “b” symbolized exclusivity. The current mark of Czech Mint was created by academic sculptor Jiří Dostál on the basis of this sign.

Based on an agreement with the Czech National Bank, the “b“ with a crown mark began to be struck on circulation coins and medals made of base metals.

Mintmark “ČM” used for medals made out of precious metals

The second mintmark used by Czech Mint is the abbreviation “ČM“. Since 1994 this mark has been used for all coins and medals made of precious metals, i.e. silver, gold and platinum.

The “ČM” mark is a guarantee of quality and uniqueness of the art work. Each medal issued by Czech Mint s accompanied by a certificate which contains its specifications and the name of its author. Depending on the metal used, the medals also bear the respective hallmark which guarantees the fineness of the material.

Mintmark “ČM with a crown” used for own products according to Czech Mint Issue plans

The marks are placed on the obverse or reverse side of all Czech coins and medals allowing clear identification of products made in Czech Mint. They distinguish the mintage of Czech Mint from the production of other mint plants.

Since 2011 Czech Mint has used a new mintmark “ČM with a crown” used for own products according to Czech Mint Issue plans.