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Investment gold can be purchased from us in three ways:

 Nákup zlata
On-line purchase of gold via Czech Mint e-shop

Gold bars and gold bullion coins can be bought on-line in the comfort of your home. It is easy and the purchase may be carried out without registration. In case of orders worth up to CZK 30,000 the goods is dispatched as soon as it has been paid for by a bank transfer or by a credit card for the price fixed at the moment of order, even on a non-trading day. Goods can also be sent COD (cash on delivery). Despite the fact that the price of gold varies according to the development of the price of gold at the exchange, we keep most of the lower weight gold bars in stock and we are able to deliver them practically on-line while supplies last.

Orders exceeding CZK 30,000 can be paid only by a bank transfer. You are buying for the price in effect at the time your payment is credited to our account. Should the price of gold change from the moment of order until the time the payment is credited to our account, you will be contacted by our operator.

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Investiční zlato nákup
On-line purchase of gold via ČM AURUM

Would you like to manage your investments in gold safely and accurately? Then set up your own Gold Account (Zlaté konto) at our website ČM AURUM. It is the only website where everything is in one place – you can buy gold bullion bars and coins, sign up for gold savings or gain a gold certificate backed by real gold. At ČM AURUM you can purchase and sell bullion bars and coins without any delay between order and payment.

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 Nákup investičního zlata
Purchase of gold in our shops

Investment gold can also be bought in person in our shops in Prague and Jablonec nad Nisou. We usually keep lower weight bullion bars and coins in stock. If the goods is not in stock, you can place an order in the shop and make payment. Cash payments are limited by law to EUR 15,000 or corresponding sum in another currency. Cash above this limit can however be credited to our account at the bank counter.

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