How to order

How to shop

It’s quite simple. Click on e-shop in the main menu and select a category in which you want to shop, e.g. Medals, where you can view the entire offer and pick a medal to your liking that meets your requirements. Our e-shop differs from standard e-shops in that in addition to buying the products on offer you may reserve items from scheduled issues of the Czech National Bank or Czech Mint.

An innovation is the display of products in tabular view, which allows you to order or book products for more pieces.
For more detailed information about searching for, ordering or reserving products, see instructions under the heading "How to shop".


How to order

We offer you two methods of ordering goods: confirmed order and preliminary order (reservation).

Order To order items at our e-shop that have already been issued, click on the blue button “Add to cart” next to the selected item.
Pre-order To reserve items that are scheduled to be issued in accordance with the Issue Plan, click on the red button “Reserve” next to the selected item.

Searching for goods

If you are interested in specific items, the fastest way to look them up is to use the Search box at the top right corner of the page. Type the required item in the box and click on “Search” to confirm. The Search feature works also for words without diacritics.

Another option to look up goods is to browse through relevant categories of the e-shop catalogue in the top main menu. 


Processing an order

Would you like to know how we process your order after you add items to your shopping cart? Here is a brief description.

1. Shopping cart

You can view the entire contents of the cart each time you add an item to it or if you click on the cart icon at the top right corner of the page.

The cart shows in a chronological order and in one place all items that you have put in, i.e. the precise name of the item, its availability, number of ordered pieces and price with and without VAT. Prices of goods displayed at the time of purchase are final. 
You may alter the quantity of ordered items in the cart, such as add more or delete selected products. We also make it possible to select the shipping and payment method and calculate shipping costs.
We ship ordered merchandise within 15 business days. In the event some of the selected items are not in stock, we ship them as soon as they become available, but no later than within three weeks. If your cart contains several items of which some are not in stock, we ship the ordered goods all at once as soon as all items become available.


2. Shipping information

You can shop both as a registered and non-registered customer. If you consider registration, please read information about registration benefits.

  • A new (non-registered) customer will be asked, following selection of payment and shipping terms, to fill in shipping information in the “Shipping information” section and then may continue to complete the order.
  • A registered customer can log in in the “Shipping information” section, which will automatically generate the relevant shipping information. However, this information may be modified in the event the goods is to be delivered to a different address.


3. Order summary

Prior to sending an order, you can check the shipping and billing address. You can also review an order summary showing all ordered items, number of pieces, total price, shipping costs and expected date of delivery.

Before pressing the "Complete order" you have to check the "I agree with the terms and conditions." The full text of terms and conditions can be viewed by clicking on the link.If you find all data correct, you can complete the order by clicking on “Complete order”.
In the event you wish to change any data, including the cart contents, click on the “Back” button at the bottom of the page.


4. Order confirmation

Once we receive your order, you will be immediately notified by e-mail. If the ordered items are in stock, your order will be processed within three business days after receipt of the order or the payment. The order will be either handed over to the shipping company or ready for pick-up at the shop.