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Medals with personification

 Czech Mint offers personalization of standard medallions with dedication (text) or photo.

Personal dedication

Your personal dedication can feature several lines of text (the exact number of lines and characters is specified separately for each item). The final text is centred horizontally as well as vertically with respect to the relief of the medal.

A special technology is used in Czech Mint to personalize medallions. A computer controlled diamond tip imprints very fine letters or figures in the medal by applying a slight pressure, not a revolving motion. In other words, it can be described as machine-driven analogy of hand engraving.

As opposed to milling or gravure it has the great advantage that the weight of the medal remains the same – no precious metal of which the medal is made is wasted.

Entering your own text:

  • Choose a medal you wish to have personalized from our range of medallions for personalization  
  • Add the selected medal to the shopping cart by clicking on “Add to cart“ and type your own dedication to the empty lines – see below.
  • Then click on “Save“. By this you placed the medal in the cart together with the dedication and you can complete the order.

Informative view

The text entered is depicted in the informative view window to provide a preliminary idea about the appearance of the final product. During production the text is manually centred and adjusted by the engraver in order to remove all potential imperfections.

The pre-view of the decorative font is indeed only informative. Please take  into account that letters imprinted in the decorative font will slightly differ from the pre-view, real look of the letters will be displayed after clicking on “Real look of the decorative font“.
This is caused by the imprinting equipment manufacturer’s refusal to provide a licence to Czech Mint to transfer its own original decorative font into the respective displayable appearance.


Personalization with a photo

The selected medallion may be personalized with a suitable photo, or you can use a sketch or painting in necessary quality.
To a large degree, the quality of the engraving in metal is influenced by the quality of the photo used. It is therefore necessary to abide by certain rules that will ensure satisfaction with the result.

Rules for transfer of a photo to metal:

  • The photos may be colour or b/w
  • We support JPG format with at least 500 kB
  • Choose a photo with higher definition (optimum 4-5 megapixels, at least 1Mpix).
  • The photo must be adequately sharp, it must not be blurred.
  • Objects (people, animals etc) to be depicted on the medal should not be placed closely to the edge of the photo.
  • Bright lights and less shadows help, however beware of shadows caused by the head-piece in the face.
  • The colour of the background should – if possible – differ from the colour of the main motif of the photo (i. e. from an object or face that will be displayed. In most cases, the background will be removed.)
  • The photo will be cut off and adjusted by our graphic artist to ensure the best fit with the material of the medal.

Uploading a photo to an order:
You can upload a photo to an order by clicking on “Browse“ on the displayed form. Should the uploaded photo not correspond to the requirements, or if our experience tells us the result would not be good, we will inform you at your contact e-mail address.

A purely digital technology is used in Czech Mint to process and transfer photos to medallions. A computer controlled diamond tip imprints the picture in the form of a fine pattern of dots (it can be up to several tens of thousands) by applying a slight pressure, not a revolving motion. No precious metal is wasted during the engraving of the personalized medal.

Czech Mint‘s Terms & Conditions apply to personalization of medals - namely the following specific additions:
  • Personalized medals are dispatched within two working days from the date the relevant payment was credited to Czech Mint’s account,
  • We send goods as an insured parcel with Czech Post Office, the postage is calculated in a standard way as in the case of other items sold in our e-shop,
  • An advance payment is required for this service, either using a credit card, or via a bank transfer to Czech Mint’s account. The cancellation fee amounts to 100% of the price of the goods ordered.