My account

Only a registered user has access to “My Account“. You can easily register by clicking on "New Account" in the right upper corner of the page.

“My Account“ features all user’s reservations, orders and favourite items. In this place the user can also change the delivery and invoicing data if necessary.

My Account balance

Here the user can see all his orders, reservations and the balance of his Loyalty Account. 

Unprocessed orders
Processed orders
Pre-ordered items for order
Pre-ordered items
Current status of your loyalty account

My reservations

Contains a summary of reservations including the number of pieces reserved, estimated prices and projected dates of issue.

My orders

In the overview of orders you can see all your orders and their processing status including the delivery method chosen, payments and due dates. By clicking on the number of a specific order you will open details pertaining to the order.

Loyalty Program

In this section you will find a summary of all earned and used bonus points.

Favourite items

This part contains a summary of all items you added to your favourite items when browsing in the e-shop. You can learn more about favourite items in FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) in Customer Support.

Personal settings

This part contains your personal information, the password to log in to your account including the delivery and invoicing address. You can also change the information whenever necessary.