Research and development


Silver medal with hologram application

Items on chain

Items with set and glued stones

Bi-metal fifty-crown coin featuring a motif of Prague

The ongoing scientific and technical development implemented in Czech Mint allows for offering our customers a range of product innovations, some of which rank among the world’s top products in minting coins and medals.

The Mint has carried out mintage of a variety of custom-made products to meet customer requirements, based on submitted designs.

Product innovations include, for instance, an extended range of shapes, such as non-circular shapes, medals with circular perforations, bi-colour medals and medals and coins with circumscriptions. In collaboration, we also make sports medals with an eye for ribbons.

In addition, the Mint offers a broad range of surface finishes: patination, lacquering, gold-plating over nickel sub-layer, silver-plating, palladium-plating and brass-plating.

Some customers opt for personalized medals with hand engraved inscriptions, machine or laser circumscriptions, or colouring.

Among new and ever-expanding possibilities are combinations of a core-metal medal with inlays of different metals, set or glued stones and holograms.

A unique finish of medals is a struck hologram. Such mintage has already been done in collaboration with the company Optaglio where one side bears a pressed-on hologram, such as a precise portrait of an individual. Holograms allow for creating attractive optical effects due to controlled microscopic refraction.

Czech Republic 2000 commemorative medal comprising a hologram


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