Set of circulation coins 20 years of CNB and Czech currency standard

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20th anniversary of the Czech National Bank and the Czech currency

The set of 2013 circulation coins contains Czech coins in standard quality struck in this particular year which were not released for circulation. Coins at face values 1, 2, 5, 10, 20 and 50 crowns are placed in a decorated carton case, and complemented with a token with the same motif designed by medallist Branislav Ronai. The Czech National Bank seated in the centre of Prague is the Czech Republic’s central bank. It was founded as at 1 January 1993 following the split of the State Czechoslovak Bank. CNB supervises price stability, sets monetary policy, issues banknotes and coins, manages the circulation of currency, provides banking services to the state and performs supervision of other important functions. The Czech currency originated in February 1993. Banknotes are printed by Státní tiskárna cenin and circulation coins are struck by Czech Mint. Coins and banknotes are designed by renowned Czech creative artists.

Limited edition 5,000 pcs.
Weight: 94.5 g
Fineness: 0 / 1000
Code: 41306-080
Mintage: 5000 ks
Date of issue: Leden 2013
Packaging: Blister
Numbered issue: No
Certificate: No
Issuer Czech national bank
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