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Set of four gold medals ‘Aristocratic family of Kolowrat-Cracow’ proof

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Lovers of historical mintage, thanks to the Czech Mint, can add a real jewel to their collection - a set of four gold medals ‘Aristocratic family of Kolowrat-Cracow’ in high-quality proof. This extraordinary collection was inspired by a popular edition of Aristocratic Families that have so far included the clans, Lords of Pernštejn and Rohans of Kunštát.

This is an exclusive set dedicated to the family of Kolowrat-Cracow and consists of four commemorative medals of pure gold, weighing a quarter ounce (each or in total?). It is based on a private commission for the descendants of the Aristocratic family. Part of the set however, was with their kind permission, released for sale. Numismatics and collectors of artworks reflecting national history currently have this unique opportunity to save their money in jewels with interesting investment potential. Each set of medals is provided with a numbered certificate and is stored in a luxury wooden etue. Do not hesitate with the purchase, there are a limited number of 35 sets! The oldest written mention of the Kolowrat family dates back to the 13th century, however, the official founder of the family and, therefore, the first historically documented master of Kolowrat was Albrecht of Kolowrat (†1391). Ancestors of this nobelman came from the village Kolovraty and he himself entered into history as the Governor and Marshal of the third wife of Charles IV., Queen Anne Svídnická, Associate provincial court and the feudal court. In 1347, he appeared in the role of witness in the sale of Rožmitál. Albrecht of Kolowrat was married three times and fathered eight children of which his six sons established one of largest aristocratic families in our country.

The luxury set of gold medals ‘Aristocratic family of Kolowrat-Cracow’ proof recalls on the face the portraits of the four major descendants of the famous clan in a masterful interpretation by sculptor Michael Vitanovsky. On the reverse Barbora Solperova then portrayed the family crest and a bilingual motto FAITHFULLY AND CONSTANTLY- PRO FIDELITATE.

Leopold Filip Kolowrat-Cracow - member of the Imperial Council and the Czech Provincial Assembly, the Knight of the Iron Crown of the second class, Lt. Dragoons Prince Eugene of Savoy.

Alexander Joseph Kolovrat-Cracow - one of the boldest and most interesting personalities of the family, known automobile and motorcycle racer as well as a successful film producer.

Henry William Kolowrat-Cracow - significant Czechoslovak diplomat, businessman, philanthropist and generous patron, ‘Patriot and Resistance fighter’ awarded by The War Cross and the medal of T.G. Masaryk.

František Tomáš Kolowrat-Cracow - a film cameraman and producer, restorer of the family property, philanthropist, art lover and generous patron.

31.12 g
999,9 / 1000
22 mm
Plain edge
Author of the obverse
ak. soch. Michal Vitanovský
Author of the reverse
Bara Solperová
51 pcs
Date of issue
December 2015
Dark wooden case
Numbered issue