Silver medal History of Warcraft - Battle of Trafalgar proof

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The famous battle of Trafalgar took place exactly 210 years ago. At that time Britain was saved from Napoleon`s invasion and tremendous battle at sea is forever inscribed in world history. It is therefore not surprising that another mintage from the popular series History of Warcraft by the Czech Mint is dedicated to the Battle of Trafalgar.

A naval battle between the British naval forces, led by Admiral Horatio Nelson, and the Franco-Spanish fleet of Admiral Villeneuve, whose task was to promote the French power in the Mediterranean Basin, took place at Cape Trafalgar between Cádiz and Gibraltar on 21 October 1805. The arrival of the Spanish ships at last minute and Villeneuve`s chaotic orders allowed Nelson to break through the confused formation of enemy ships and gradually destroy its isolated parts. Although the superiority of the British during the battle was visible, a gun shot wounded Admiral Nelson, who died from consequences after about three hours. But thanks to his leadership the British domination over the sea was confirmed and Horatio Nelson became a national hero. A total of 60 ships was involved in the Battle of Trafalgar, and Nelson's Victory is still preserved.

The ship Victory is just one of the elements decorating the obverse side of the medal made of pure silver in proof quality. Academic painter Karel Zeman, the author of this issue and the whole series, placed the charismatic portrait of Admiral Nelson in in front of the famous ship. The Commander is portrayed with his numerous honours that he was loaded with during his life. The composition is completed with the text HORATIO NELSON placed over his left shoulder. The reverse side features masterfully drawn battle scene from the fray, along with the inscription 1805 TRAFALGAR. Masterful realization of the medal and fascinating topic will attract a wide range of collectors - either numismatists or history lovers. Limited edition of 500 pieces cannot satisfy all of you, so book your piece on time!

42 g
999 / 1000
50 mm
Plain lettered edge
Author of the obverse
ak. mal. Karel Zeman
Author of the reverse
ak. mal. Karel Zeman
500 pcs
Date of issue
October 2015
Blue leather case
Numbered issue
Czech mint