Silver medal Old-Town Astronomical Clock - Lion proof

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Old-town astronomical clock ranks among the most admired Czech historic sights. At the time of its creation, i.e. in the 15th century, it was a proof of unusual technical skill, craft and art. The original face of the astronomical clock, one of its dominating features, was the work of astrologer Jan Ondřejův. However, after it burnt down, a new one was painted by Josef Mánes. He based it on the original model but embellished it with his unmistakable handwriting. Czech Mint introduces in its mintages the individual signs of the zodiac in which Mánes imprinted his idea of linkage of man and nature. The composition of a villager and his daily tasks lends the monumental work a romantic dimension.

The summer issue of a medal from the Old-town astronomical clock series is dedicated to the sign of Lion which relates to persons born in July and August. On the obverse of the silver medal this majestic animal is depicted in the company of a small child, a typical feature of the Mánes calendar. The scene is accompanied with a picturesque allegory of the month of June featuring women reaping corn with a sickle and a boy with a pitcher. On the reverse side the author pays homage to Josef Mánes: there is his portrait, an overall view of the calendarium, the Prague municipal coat-of-arms and inscriptions Josef Mánes and Pražský orloj (Prague Astronomical Clock).

The beautiful tasteful design of the obverse and reverse sides was carried out by academic sculptor Daniela Kartáková. She has also created the design for Aquarius in the Czech Mint series. The mintage of the Scorpio will follow. The other astrological signs will be issued over the next three years, three pieces per year, and will constitute a highly representative collector series which should not be missing in any collection. The mintage is limited to mere 2,000 pieces, we therefore recommend you to order the Lion silver medal as soon as possible!

31.1 g
999 / 1000
37 mm
Plain lettered edge
Author of the obverse
ak.soch. Daniela Kartáková
Author of the reverse
ak.soch. Daniela Kartáková
2000 pcs
Date of issue
July 2014
Blue leather case
Numbered issue
Czech mint