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Silver pendant Michal David with dedication proof

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Nobody can stop the time, but go back in your memories and relive the best moments of your youth you certainly can. The Czech Mint will help you with this romantic journey thanks to a special silver jewel, which is dedicated to the leading Czech composer and artist Michal David. The well-known showman and his songs accompanied adolescence and youth of most of us, and let's face it - everyone, whatever is your favourite kind of music, can today name at least one of his hits. This is what is in showbussiness called, the real success in life. Michal David debuted with the song Nenapovídej in early 1981, when he was just 21 years old. This year on 14 th July he will celebrate the wonderful 55th birthday, and his songs still sounds.

He was born in a circus family the Kludský with the name Vladimír Štancl. But the circuc show, despite all efforts, was not his way, and his destiny was completely different artistic direction - pop music. He changed his name during his studies at the Conservatory, where he played with the group Kroky Františka Janečka, because it was difficult to pronounce it for his audience. First name Michal was borrowed from her sister Michaela, the surname David was apparently chosen from the pair of David and Goliath and he was the smaller one. Although he several times nearly reached the top at the Golden Nightingale content, he could not overcome Karel Gott  and had to settle with a beautiful silver or bronze medal. However, it did not detract anything from his popularity and his` hits overthrew the Charts and were breaking the girls` hearts.
If you really want to please a real and loyal fan of Michal David, give them a sleek silver pendant with dedication, designed by the singer himself! Michal David in creating this unique jewel chose the shape of a piano, his beloved instrument. There is an area decorated with keyboard and singer's autograph on one side and the other side features the musical notation of the song "Pár přátel stačí mít" and the inscription MICHAL DAVID and the space, where your dedication will stand out. With this extraordinary pendant you will surely make tremble the hearts of all lovers of pop music!
7.78 g
999 / 1000
34 mm
Plain edge
Author of the obverse
Michal David
Author of the reverse
Michal David
Date of issue
June 2015
Silver paper case
Numbered issue
Czech mint