Thaler Baby and Christening 2016 with dedication proof

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The arrival of a child into the world is, in many cultures associated, with the rituals and celebrations that are accompanied by giving a present to the newly born member of the community.Traditional gifts may vary, jewellery of precious metal, however, are among the most typical.

The records of coins dedicated to newborns already exists from the 16th century. ( commemorative medallions were already discussed in antiquity). They were a mintage with a variety of value which depended on the wealth of the donor. Usually they expressed wishes of happiness and prosperity, although in some countries, such as Greece, they were said to protect the child from being bewitched. Although time has progressed, a noble habit of donating a coin to mark the the birth, however, remains unchanged.

The Czech Mint follows this tradition with an emission of the popular Thaler Baby and Christening 2016 with a dedication. A silver medal in an extraordinary quality proof for this occasion. It is ideal because it is affordable, yet made of precious metal. Its characteristics, which could be an analogy of the relationship of the donor to the newborn: solid, stable and pure. Become a co-author of the unique piece! Your personal dedication that we will engrave on thaler, will multiply the metal value by the sentimental value. 

The magical artistic design of the coin was designed by Lenka Nebeská, DiS. The talented designer has lent to the observe of the medal a motif of a baby sleeping in a sling and added  the year ‘2016’ and the inscription ‘Baby and Christening’. The reverse side designed for your heartfelt dedication was designed by the sculptor Michal Vitanovský. The thaler is stored in a beautiful box that adds yet another luxury feature to an original gift!

Material: Silver
Weight: 29 g
Fineness: 999 / 1000
Diameter: 40 mm
Quality: PROOF
Edge: Plain lettered edge
Author of the obverse: Lenka Nebeská, DiS.
Author of the reverse: ak. soch. Michal Vitanovský
Code: 31055-721
Date of issue: Leden 2016
Packaging: Blister
Numbered issue: No
Certificate: No
Capsule: Yes
Issuer Czech mint
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