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Tradition of superior quality and craftsmanship

Technological processes of the coin and medal production have been developing and improving as in any other field of human activity. Design and mintage processes are being perfected and automated with the help of computer technology.

This allows for flexible combination of the amount of machine production and craftsmanship of designers, engravers and staff operating minting tools.

Naturally, Czech Mint has monitored and applied the results of research and development of technological processes and product innovation.

At the same time, it is the Mint’s strategy to maintain its tradition and high-quality workmanship, which is a prerequisite for drawing graphic designs of coins and medals and creating models as a necessary starting point in manufacture of a new product.

An irreplaceable part of the production process is the workmanship of engravers who perfect coin and medal relief of minting tools. A number of these engravers are graduates of the School of Industrial Arts, based directly in Jablonec nad Nisou.

The Czech Mint’s products will always comprise the inimitable aspect of unique craftsmanship that is often reflected in perfecting minute details and alterations of a machine-made coin or medal relief. That is what imbues the Czech Mint’s products with a feature of originality and singularity. Such items are superior to those coming out of anonymous serial production. Customers and experts, who are well acquainted with the Czech Mint’s output, can easily recognize the “handwriting” of a particular designer or engraver who participated in the production process.