Collector´s box Three Musketeers

Collector´s box Three Musketeers

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June 2024
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One for all, all for one! This legendary motto guides the three - actually four - Musketeers who come to life in the pages of this immortal adventure from the pen of Alexander Dumas the Elder. Athos, Porthos, Aramis and d'Artagnan can fight valiantly and entertain royally. They love passionately and plunge headlong into danger. They value courage, honour and friendship above all else, but treachery and intrigue stand in their way. The year is 1625. Europe is divided by religious wars and there is no peace even in sweet France at the court of Louis XIII. Will the friends be able to save the Queen's honour to the death? Can they foil the traps of the treacherous cardinal and his minions? Will d'Artagnan's dream of becoming a true Musketeer come true?

The most famous characters of the legendary novel are represented by a collector's miniseries of commemorative coin:

  • Athos and Milady de Winter - Athos is the oldest and most experienced of the Musketeers. He is a nobleman, but he is plagued by demons, which he drowns in wine. The cause of his torment is an old love - beautiful and mysterious on the outside, but evil, mean and all-powerful schemer Milady de Winter on the inside.
  • Porthos and Cardinal Richelieu - Porthos is a great indulger, a showman and a braggart. He acts impulsively, but he has a good heart. What he lacks under his hat, he makes up for with his enormous strength. Cardinal Richelieu is the opposite of him - his shrewd intellect and treacherous wiles serve him in his quest for power.
  • Aramis and the Duke of Buckingham - The mysterious Aramis is brooding and pious, but also ambitious, handsome and popular with women. Even the powerful English Duke of Buckingham, whose love for the French Queen could cause an international scandal, has a soft spot for the fairer sex.
  • d'Artagnan and Constance Bonacieux - A bright and courageous young Gascon, d'Artagnan is the ideal candidate for a Royal Musketeer. But rashness, hot-headedness and love stand in his way. His head is full of the beautiful Constance Bonacieux, who is the Queen's devoted maid.

You can store your collection of four coins in this tin collector's case. Its lid is decorated with an illustration of four musketeers walking hand in hand towards adventure. A thematic attachment is an integral part of the box.

Note: The collector's etui does not include a certificate of authenticity - this is supplied with each coin separately.


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