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For collectors

Buy commemorative coins and medals direct from the manufacturer. We guarantee top quality of service and a wide assortment of goods in stock.


Please yourself or your friends with an original and valuable gift from the Czech Mint. At your request we will engrave your text or a photograph onto the medal.

For investors

We offer investment coins and bars from both renowned foreign mints and our own production of smart coins. A smart investment free of VAT.

Gustav Fabergé

Luxury jewelery from pure metals decorated with precious stones are not only beautiful on the outside - inside hides a beautiful surprise in the form of a commemorative coin!

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Issue plan

We published a new issue plan 2019!

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New releases

October 2019

Gold coin 5000 CZK Švihov proof

October 2019

Gold coin 5000 CZK Švihov stand



World Money Fair Berlin 2018

Dear friends and partners of the Czech Mint, the World Money Fair 2018 is at hand and business callendars are filling up fast.

About us

Are you interested in the company's history, the process of production of coins and medals, or what we have been honored?

Here you will learn everything about the Czech Mint!

The Czech Mint shops | Contact information

  • Shop in Prague

    passage CNB

  • Shop in Brno

    opposite Mahen Theatre

  • Jablonec nad Nisou

    center of the city

  Na Příkopě 860/24
110 00 Praha – Praha 1

Contact person:

 Petr Novák

 Tel.: +420 224 283 659

Opening hours:

 Mo–Fri: 9.00 – 18.00

  Rooseveltova 419/20
602 00 Brno – střed

Contact person:

 Jaroslav Matoušek

 Tel.: +420 542 213 972

Opening hours:

 Mo–Fri: 8:30 – 16:00

  Mírové náměstí 15
466 23 Jablonec n. N.

Contact person:

 Petra Polreichová

 Tel.: +420 483 710 692

Opening hours:

 Mo–Fri: 8.30 – 16.00

Our legacy

Czech minting has a history of more than a thousand years – our land was gifted not only with exceptional beauty, but also a wealth of silver. This silver was used by old craftsmen to make art that we admire to this day, and the Czech Mint is proud to continue in their tradition! We make not only all the circulating coins that jingle in Czech pockets, but also all Czech commemorative coins and many of our own commemorative and investment products from precious metals.

Their designs carry a multitude of emotions and a thousand years of love for the craft… See for yourself!

Czech Mint
traditional manufacturer of commemorative coins and medals