Give the best gift important people will never forget

Pure metal is combined with top fine art… Coins or medals will become your prestigious presentation and will serve perfectly as an exclusive gift for VIP business partners, a valuable benefit for the best employees, a souvenir to visit the region or an elegant commemoration of a significant anniversary. In addition, exclusive mintage can be associated with charitable activities.

Custom mintages are mostly popular among companies, cities, universities, organizational units of the state, sports clubs and other important entities, but also private person.

We can fulfill your wishes as well! If you are interested in the services of the Czech Mint, contact our specialist, who will provide you with detailed information and prepare a non-binding calculation:

Petr Beneš - Manager of corporate mintages
mobile: +420 733 161 731 (Mo–Fr, 8:00–16:00)
tel: +420 483 513 297 (Mo–Fr, 8:00–16:00)


Mintages at the request

We will advise you on choosing the author of your mintage. We cooperate with leading Czech academic sculptors, painters and renowned medal makers. We support young artists - talented graduates of the Jablonec medal school, who often come up with non-traditional ideas. We guarantee the high artistic value of the design and the quality of the processing. We will also create coins or medals based on your own theme.

Corporate mintage is most often dominated by company logos, but there are no limits to your imagination - portraits of founders, company headquarters, machines or, for example, corporate credo can be added to the relief. How does such custom mintage arise? Shots that map the production of commemorative medals for the 25th anniversary of the company "Chládek a Tintěra, Pardubice, a.s." may give you a hint…



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