10 Ducat CR 2019 Czech Republic proof

10 Ducat CR 2019 Czech Republic proof

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Traditional Ducat Series

The historical lands of the Bohemian Crown appear on the traditional gold ducats of the Czech Republic in 2019. Ten-ducat is the largest of the four ducat mintages that were dedicated to the modern Czech Republic.

Czech statehood has developed over the centuries. It began with Samo's Empire - a tribal union of Slavs associated around a Frankish merchant followed by The Great Moravian Empire, which became the cradle of the Western Slavic civilization and extended to Bohemia and Silesia. When the Hungarian invaders disrupted the Great Moravia, the Czech Principality took over the leading role, then the Czech Kingdom, and finally the lands of Bohemian Crown. Even though the twentieth century stormy events have ensured that we form no longer a monarchy, but a republic, we do not forget about our origins. Our country continues to be Bohemia, Moravia and Silesia. We have kept history, language, customs, traditions and heraldic animals which are the lion as a symbol of bravery, and two eagles as symbols of power. Silver double-tailed lion in a jump with a golden crown and golden armor is the historical sign of Bohemia. Silver-red chess eagle with golden crown and golden armor is a symbol of Moravia. A black eagle with silver crescent, golden crown and red armor belongs to Silesia.

"Historical lands of the Bohemian Crown are commemorated on the obverse side of the ten-ducat by a trio of national symbols - the lion and two eagles. Above the shields there are the inscriptions of BOHEMIA, MORAVIA and SILESIA. In the bottom third of the coinfield there is a hint of landscape with a series of horizons opening the lands. The composition below was closed by the inscription CZECH REPUBLIC," the academic sculptor Michal Vitanovsky describes his work.

The reverse side is common to all the four ducats of the Czech Republic issued in 2019. The linear division of the simplified map of the Czech Republic captures the current network of regions and the division by the astragal indicates the land borders. Hatches that cross the borders resemble the previous extent of the land territory. The top of the map is accompanied by current state flag, and in the lower part there is the historic St. Wenceslas Crown. The common use of these motifs emphasizes the continuity of our statehood.

The gold mintage that weighs ten times more than one ducat, comes out in mere 100 pieces. Its specifications are based on the legendary St. Wenceslas ducats.


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Czech mint
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ak. soch. Michal Vitanovský
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ak. soch. Michal Vitanovský
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986 / 1000
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