Stříbrná slov. mince 20 EUR 2020 Chráněná krajinná oblast Poľana proof

Stříbrná slov. mince 20 EUR 2020 Chráněná krajinná oblast Poľana proof

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Slovakia is famous for its extraordinary natural beauty and the most famous ones appear on silver commemorative coins issued by the National Bank of Slovakia. The Poľana Mountains Protected Landscape Area cannot be missing among them.

Poľana is the highest volcanic mountain range in Slovakia
. It is located right in the heart of the country and attracts with an almost regular circular floor plan. The remains of one of the best-preserved extinct volcanoes in Europe with a diameter of thirty kilometers boasts a six-kilometer crater. Time seems to stop in Poľana - you will meet a bear, a lynx or a deer rather than a human in beautiful deep forests. The old settlers who have lived here for generations can only be found in small settlements called „laza“ on the hillsides. Their temperamental supportive songs and dances, musical virtuosity and beautiful costumes are famous.

The commemorative coin was designed by medal maker
Mária Poldaufová. The obverse side presents a duel of two deer, which takes place near the volcanic formation of Kalamárka and which is observed by six doe. The composition of the obverse side is completed by the Slovak coat of arms supplemented with the text SLOVAKIA 2020 and the nominal value of 20 EURO. The reverse side is dedicated to the Bystrý potok waterfall. The depiction of the natural monument is supplemented with decorative motifs - a fragment of a folk ornament and a yellow Sudeten violet plant. The inscriptions on the reverse side indicate CHRÁNENÁ KRAJINNÁ OBLASŤ POĽANA (Poľana Mountains Protected Landscape Area).

The coin in quality
proof was minted by the Slovak Mint Mincovňa Kremnica.


Numbered issue
925 / 1000
33.63 g
40 mm
Czech Mint