academic sculptor Jan Lukáš


How did you get to designing coins and medals?

I have engaged in medal design since my studies at the academy.

Do you remember your first design for Czech Mint?

I think it was a commemorative medal for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in 1996.

Do you know how many designs you created in your career?

I don’t really have an idea; I did too many models to be able to remember them all.

Which work for Czech Mint pleased you most, which do you remember best?

I really like to do commemorative medals with portraits of Czech rulers. These I design for Czech Mint every year.

What themes do you prefer?

Historical themes are the ones closest to me.

Where do you find inspiration for your works and where do you create them?

I prefer working at home.

Do you have a secret dream, is there something you would like to achieve and what would you describe as the peak in a medallist’s career?

I have no secret dreams.

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