Asamat Baltaev, DiS.


How did you get to work on coins and medals?

Thanks to my family, I got to work on coins and medals. My dad is an engraver and an excellent draftsman, he taught me to draw since childhood. When I was fifteen, I went to study engraving at SUPŠ and VOŠ in Turnov. After graduation, I continued at SUPŠ and VOŠ in Jablonec nad Nisou - to a higher vocational school in the field of medal making. At school I managed to create successful work, thanks to which I was noticed by the Czech Mint, and I started accepting orders and participating in various competitions since the end of the second year of high school.

Do you remember your first implementation of work for the Czech Mint?

My first implementation of work for the CM was a medal with the motif of Kost Castle from the series of medals "Castles". I got to this work thanks to final thesis at high school, which was organized in cooperation with the CM. The three best works were awarded and the first place was selected for implementation.

Can you count how many coin and medal designs you have made in your career?

I still knew how many I had created, when I was at school, but after that I stopped counting them. Now I have no idea how many I drew. Many of them have not been selected for implementation, or they have not even been made of the plaster, but 35 of them have been already implemented.

Which commissioned work from the Czech Mint pleased you the most, which one do you remember the most?

I would say that I was pleased with the order for a series of coins with the theme of World War II. I like fight scenes that can be portrayed with a dynamic composition with many realistic details.

Which theme is closest to you?

Each theme is interesting. I like to process portraits, important events, buildings or technical buildings. But if I had a choice, it would definitely be a battle.

Where do you draw inspiration for your work from, where do you like to work?

When creating a medal or coin, it is important to be inspired by the theme itself, therefore, I try to seek specific information, I still think about the assignment, I just want to find out as much as possible. I can think about it at any time, because the idea can come anywhere. Then I process the design mostly in the studio.

Do you have a secret desire, something you would like to achieve and what you would call the height of a medal maker's career?

Regarding my dream, I can't tell you because then you wouldn't be surprised. But in general, it's about knowledge in drawing and sculpture, thanks to which I could create much better work. And that is already in process.


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