Eva Prousková, DiS.


What led you to work on coins and medals?

I was drawn to their creation by family tradition, studying at the Higher Vocational School and the unique opportunity to try my first realization at the mint.

Do you remember your first project for the Czech Mint?

The first realization was a gift medal with the motif of a good luck elephant.

Can you count how many designs for coins and medals were created by your hands?

I'm at the very beginning, watching my development and gradually adding complexity to my designs and modelling. So far I have four designs realized and a fifth is being born.

Which order from the Czech Mint pleased you the most? Which one is your favourite?

I was especially intrigued by the Infant Jesus of Prague. With the many details and the miniature face of the statuette, it was a test of complexity for me.

What subject matter is closest to your heart?

I enjoy the gift segment for the general public, where there is room for imagination, and perhaps some naive art.

How do you find inspiration for your work? Where do you like to create?

I mainly look for inspiration in nature and my own imagination. Creating designs can absorb me so much that I forget about everything else for a while and create spontaneously, like a small child at play. I like to create in solitude, where I draw energy.

Do you have a secret dream – something you want to achieve that you consider a highlight in your career as a medal maker?

Someday... Some nice historical theme on a larger diameter.


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