Vojtěch Dostál, DiS.


How did you get to work on coins and medals?

When I was a child, I was fascinated by medals, when I watched my dad at work. Then I studied SUPŠ in Jablonec nad Nisou and then VOŠ, so this work was a natural artistic path for me.

Do you remember your first implementation of work for the Czech Mint?

It was a commemorative medal BEIJING 2008 for the Czech Olympic Committee in 2008.

Can you count how many coin and medal designs you have made in your career?

30 double-sided medals or coins were issued according to my designs and proposals. Of this number, 10 of those commemorative coins will be issued by the CNB this year. However, even more designs and proposals have been created, as I regularly contact CNB competitions and there is a lot of rivals.

Which commissioned work from the Czech Mint pleased you the most, which one do you remember the most?

I was very pleased to work on the set of medals dediated to Václav Havel - playwright, dissident, president - and I am very satisfied with its realization in metal. I have always respected this personality, so I really enjoyed that work. However, I also enjoyed working on the medal for climber Radek Jaroš. It had been adventurous before we came up with a final solution.

Which theme is closest to you?

I like portraits. I enjoy trying to capture the character of the personality, if possible a little differently, each time a different modeling, a different composition. I am pleased with the victory of the competition for the 200 CZK coin of Josef Kainar - I tried to deal with the portrait differently and it was worth it.

Where do you draw inspiration for your work from, where do you like to work?

I draw designs and create models at home in the living room. But first I think about the theme so that I can capture it in the best way. I often sort ideas before falling asleep. After that I use paper, pencil, plasticine and plaster…

Do you have a secret desire, something you would like to achieve and what you would call the height of a medal maker's career?

I would like to continue working for the Czech Mint due to its top technical implementation of my designs. And also because I have friendly relations with many of the people who work for it, it is a very pleasant cooperation. I would also like to succeed in the CNB competition from time to time. And an immodest secret dream? Now it will no longer be secret, but perhaps it will be the authorship of some Czech circulation coins one day.


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