Brass medal "Thank you"

Brass medal "Thank you"

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June 2020
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Product description

War, disease, … – wherever people suffer, the Red Cross helps. Support its charitable activities with us! The commemorative medal boasts an extraordinary story.

The conventions of the time dictated her to get married and pursue maternity duties, but the English woman of aristocratic origin, named Florence Nightingale, who was born exactly 200 years ago, decided to dedicate her love and care to the whole world. She went down in history as a pioneer in nursing who saved countless lives in military and civilian hospitals. We draw on her groundbreaking methods to this day, and it is convenient that we can pay tribute to her in the year when the coronavirus rampage hit the world. However, the medal does not only commemorate "a lady with a lantern" (as she was nicknamed by the wounded soldiers), who took care of people in need day and night, but it also acknowledges everyone - professionals and volunteers - who make the world a better place following the example of Florence Nightingale.

The reverse side of the mintage, which was processed by the medal maker MgA. Martin Dašek, presents a portrait of Florence Nightingale inspired by period photography, her name and the life years 1820–1910. The symbol of the Red Cross is placed in the background. The obverse side is then completely filled with the words THANK YOU in a number of world languages.

We donate 70 CZK from the price of each sold brass medal to the Czech Red Cross, which is the patron of the issue and which might never have been created without the inspiration of an unselfish nurse. If you buy a medal, you will contribute to a good cause and at the same time you will enrich your collection with an extraordinary piece. If you want to thank someone who helped you in difficult times, then you can use the medal as a gift – for this purpose, it is placed in a special packaging, where you can write a dedication…


Czech mint
Author of the obverse
MgA. Martin Dašek
Author of the reverse
MgA. Martin Dašek
Numbered issue
0 / 1000
24 g
37 mm
Czech Mint