The possibility to reserve products from the Czech National Bank's (CNB) range at the Czech Mint is conditioned by customer registration. You can register here.

CNB products can be reserved in the CNB's schedule of issuance or by clicking the button Reserve.

You can find an overview of the reservations you have made in your customer account in the My Coins CNB / Reservations CNB.

Accepted bookings are not binding on both parties until a confirmation call is sent.


Receipt of reservations

The CNB always issues its schedule of issuance for a five-year period. You can make reservations for all products on the Czech Mint's e-shop.

You can modify your reservations in the customer's account until they are confirmed.


Reservation confirmation

In the case of CNB products, the reservation confirmation system is different from that of the Czech Mint.

In the semi-annual cycles, the CNB invites all its contractual partners to order coins. Once the ordering period is closed, the Bank allocates coins to individual dealers according to its capabilities and regulations and confirms the binding order on the basis of this allocation. It is only after we have received the specific numbers allocated by the CNB that we can subsequently work with the bookings received. Customers for whom we are able to provide coins will be sent a call to confirm their reservation, After you confirm your reservations in your customer account, they will move to the My CNB Coins / CNB Orders section.

If the reservation is completed, you will receive an e-mail informing you about the creation of a FIRM ORDER.

If you do not confirm the reservation within the given time, it will be automatically canceled.

Guarantee deposit

In the case of gold coins and extraordinary issues of the CNB, we require a so-called guarantee deposit.

Regarding gold coins, the amount of the guarantee deposit is 5,000 CZK. In the case of special issues, the amount of the guarantee deposit is determined individually. In the case of products where payment of a guarantee deposit is required, the order becomes firm only after payment of the required amount.

We do not require a guarantee deposit for silver coins.

The guarantee deposit serves as the principal, which will be deducted from the total price of the order at the time of the purchase. The guarantee deposit is non-refundable in case of cancellation of the order by the customer.


If the possibility of booking CNB products for a given half-year has ended, you can still express your interest in the product, but you will only be registered as a substitute. If you are interested in making such a non-binding reservation, please contact our customer support.

Processing orders 

As soon as the date of the issue comes, we will process orders for CNB products in the standard way.

If you pay by cash on delivery, orders will be dispatched immediately. The amount of cash on delivery will be reduced by the amount of the guarantee deposit.

If you pay via bank transfer, we will first send you an e-mail with payment instructions including the amount reduced by the guarantee deposit. Only after paying the required amount your order is forwarded for dispatch.

Firm orders are always processed as first. If we still have the CNB product in stock, we will contact interested parties registered as substitutes. The substitute will receive from us an e-mail with order information and further instructions.

If there are free pieces of the CNB product available even after processing all confirmed orders and contacting all substitutes, they will be released for sale in shops and on the e-shop.

Club price

Customers who have ordered CNB coins in advance (before the end of the ordering period) are entitled to a reduced price. This so-called club price is lower than the normal sale price for subsequent free sale.

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