• These are always legal tender
  • The relevant central bank is the issuer of coins 
  • Their form is bound by the legal requirements of the issuer
  • They bear a fixed nominal value, currency and other attributes of the state
  • They can be divided into circulation, commemorative and investment coins
  • The nominal value of circulation coins corresponds to their value at the exchange
  • The real value of commemorative and investment coins differs from the nominal value


  • Do not confuse them with military honors or sports awards
  • Do not confuse them with coins
  • They are traditional especially in Central Europe
  • They have no nominal value and therefore they are not legal tender
  • The issuer of medals is not the state, but a private entity
  • There are no limits to their form
  • They can be divided into commemorative and investment medals
  • Medals made of precious metals bear the hallmark
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