Are you a collector?

You can choose coins and medals based on your hobbies and interests. Collectors usually focus on the thematic area, to which they pay full attention. There are patriots who include exclusively Czech themes in their collections, while others prefer, for example, world personalities. History scholars often choose a specific period (such as the Austro-Hungarian era) or a specific aspect of history (such as the history of warfare). However, the wide range of products of the Czech Mint will appeal to almost anyone - sports enthusiasts, art admirers, film fans, nature admirers, technology lovers…

In addition to the topic, you can also define your collection using the product specifications that you include in it. There are those who collect only coins, and those who can not miss medals. Some are attracted by pure gold, others by silver. Many collectors focus on ducats, many others prefer mintages weighing a troy ounce or its multiples…

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Are you an investor?

Are you looking for a conservative investment that will increase the value of your finances within the time? Precious metals are the best option. Investing in the products of the Czech Mint is an interesting alternative for those who want to invest their funds in precious metals, but also want to own something that has its artistic, collector's and emotional value, which will increase within the time and can exceed the value of gold, silver or platinum many times. The paths of investors and collectors often cross. For example, the fact that only a predetermined limited number of coins will be minted means that it may not reach all interested parties, and those who will miss a specimen in the collection will then be happy to buy it at an increased price.

However, many investors do not want to pay extra for the added numismatic value in the form of artistic processing and long for the precious metal in its basic form. Therefore, the Czech Mint offers investment ingots and purely investment coins of various weights, which enables you to regulate how much money you can invest in them.

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Do you want to give someone a gift?

Are you looking for an unusual gift for your loved ones? You can give them a commemorative coin or a medal to enrich their thematic collection, or an investment product that they can easily convert into money if necessary. However, the Czech Mint also produces a number of mintages, which are by their nature ideal and original gifts for every occasion.

The theme of such coins or medals are, above all, important moments in a person's life that deserve special attention. They can be dedicated to newborn babies, newlyweds, graduates, for birthdays, as proof of love, for happiness or just for fun. Their attractiveness lies in the artistic processing and value of the precious metal. In addition, we can engrave a text on some commemorative medals - a quote, name or date of birth. There are no limits to your imagination and your personal dedication will guarantee that the recipient will receive the only original in the world.

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