Collector's album Armored vehicles

Collector's album Armored vehicles

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The first tanks - fighting machines that combined an unprecedented ability to defend and attack - appeared on the battlefields of the First World War. However, it was not until the Second World War that they became a truly dominant force, dominating the battlefield and determining victory or defeat. At that time, the various superpowers sought their own way - each had a different idea of the design and deployment of armoured vehicles, and so a number of deadly machines were created.

The collector's series of commemorative coins of the Czech Mint presents the most famous tanks fighting on all fronts of the Second World War:

First volume:

  • British heavy cruiser tank Mk VIII Cromwell
  • Soviet medium tank T-34/76
  • American medium tank M4 Sherman
  • German heavy breakthrough tank PzKpfw VI Tiger

Second volume:

  • British infantry tank Mk IV Churchill
  • Soviet heavy tank KV-1
  • American light tank M3 Stuart
  • German medium tank PzKpfw V Panther

Third volume:

  • British cruiser tank Mk VI Crusader
  • Soviet heavy tank IS-2
  • American heavy tank M26 Pershing 
  • German medium tank PzKpfw IV

Individual coins, which are set in narrative catalogue cards full of photographs and interesting facts, can be inserted into this collector's binder.

Note: The binder includes plastic dividers that need to be placed between individual coin cards. Each divider is covered with a protective film that prevents damage during transport and can be easily peeled off.


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