Collector's black paper box for gold coin Prague Spring

Collector's black paper box for gold coin Prague Spring

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Prague Spring

Czechoslovakia became a vassal of the Soviet Union and a totalitarian regime was established after the communist coup in 1948. However, better times were coming two decades later. Not only ordinary people, but also the reformist communists at the head of the state desired political, social and economic change. But the free-thinking period of liberalisation was suddenly and brutally suppressed by the military invasion in 1968. The occupation ended the so-called “Prague Spring“ and the efforts to liberate Czechoslovakia for the next twenty years…

The events of 1968 are commemorated in a four-part miniseries of commemorative coins:

  • Socialism with a Human Face - Under the leadership of Slovak politician Alexander Dubček, Czechoslovakia was moving towards democratisation, which included, for example, increased freedom of speech, the opening of borders and the orientation of the economy towards consumer goods. 
  • Two Thousand Words - A manifesto by Czech writer Ludvík Vaculik, signed by tens of thousands of citizens and hundreds of public figures, called for support for progressive forces and demanded even more radical changes in Czechoslovakia.
  • The invasion of Warsaw Pact troops - the Soviet Union was not about to stand by and watch it lose influence in Central Europe. The Czechoslovak reform movement, which was labelled counter-revolutionary, was therefore violently suppressed by the invasion of "friendly" communist armies.
  • Emigration - An era of "normalisation" began in the occupied country. Totalitarian practices were strengthened and conditions returned to the levels prevailing in the 1950s. As many as 150,000 intelligent, educated and skilled Czechoslovaks fled abroad.


You can store your collection of four coins in this collector's case.

Note: The collector's etui does not include a certificate of authenticity - this is supplied with each coin separately.


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