Collector's Book Cat Breeds

Collector's Book Cat Breeds

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The Cat Breeds

Ten thousand years ago, humans left behind a nomadic way of life. They established their first permanent settlements and made their living by farming. Then cats joined them, doing so of their own accord to increase their chances of survival. Humans didn't protest, as the small beasts became a scourge of rodents, eating crops and spreading disease. Unlike dogs, which were domesticated by humans, cats domesticated humans.

For the ancient Egyptians, the cat was a sacred animal, it was persecuted as a devilish creature in the Middle Ages, and today it is a beloved pet. It can be both playful and predatory. One minute she's clinging and cuddling, the next she's proud and rejecting. Sometimes she is full of energy, other times she sleeps all day.

Different cat breeds differ in history, appearance and character, but one thing they have in common is that they are never boring. A twelve-part series of silver coins is dedicated to the most popular ones:

  • British Shorthair Cat (2024)
  • Maine Coon Cat (2024)
  • Siamese Cat (2024)
  • Persian Cat (2024)
  • Ragdoll (2025)
  • Bengal cat (2025)
  • Sphynx (2025)
  • Egyptian Mau (2025)
  • Norwegian Forest Cat (2026)
  • European Shorthair Cat (2026)
  • Siberian cat (2026)
  • Abyssinian cat (2026)

You can save the complete collection in this collector's book full of photos and interesting facts about each breed. The album is bilingual - it contains texts in English and Czech.

Note: The collector's book does not include a certificate of authenticity - this is supplied with each coin separately.


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