Collector's box for 4 blisterpacks - Protectorate

Collector's box for 4 blisterpacks - Protectorate

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One of the darkest periods of Czech history, which means the era of the Protectorate of Bohemia and Moravia, began 80 years ago. At that time, a Nazi dictatorship was established in our country, and our only purpose was to serve the Third Reich and its leader with the insatiable demands.

Although some people claim that we have submitted instead of fighting, it is not true.
We did not give up. Of course, there were those who realized that if they worked for Germany they would live peacefully. Indeed, the regime required rich industrial potential and capable workers for its war conquests. On the other hand, many people understood that when the Nazis succeeded, the formal autonomy of the Protectorate and the existence of the Czech nation would not last for a long time. Those patriotic people have formed domestic resistance.

This resistance has taken many forms. The Czech Mint introduced some of them in the collector's mini-series of four gold ducats entitled
“Stories of the home resistance”:

  • The first ducat is dedicated to heroes who fought against power in a political arena or with a weapon in their hands.
  • The second ducat commemorates the actions of the brave men who confronted the Nazis with a pen or brush in their hands or a song.
  • The third ducat belongs to the public resistance against tyranny - spontaneous and organized, from the anti-Nazi demonstration on October 28, 1939 to the May Uprising.
  • The motif of the fourth ducat is the economic resistance aimed at damaging the war industry - from sabotage to reducing productivity in spirit of the slogan "work slow".

Each ducat is stored in a narrative packaging in the form of a book containing contemporary pictures, together with a professional treatise written by the leading historian PhDr. Petr Koura, Ph.D.

You can store the complete collection of four ducats in this useful collector´s box
. Moreover, the resistance is symbolized by a gap in a fence that catches the Czechoslovak flag.


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