Collector´s box Nikola Tesla

Collector´s box Nikola Tesla

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January 2023
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Nikola Tesla

When a boy was born in a small Croatian village in 1856, a storm was raging in the sky. The midwife claimed it was a bad omen, but she had no idea that she had just helped bring into the world the "lord of lightning" who would bring about the electrification of the world and the birth of mass communication... Nikola Tesla became famous as a brilliant but also eccentric scientist who was full of ideas but could not think of their practical application. He had not even had time to patent many of his groundbreaking ideas before he was on to something else, even more fantastic. He fought a war of currents with Edison, argued with Marconi who invented radio, and discovered X-rays inadvertently before Röntgen. Since his entire estate was seized by the US government, we will probably never know if he really caused the Tunguska disaster, created the death rays or was behind the Philadelphia experiment...

A collectible miniseries of commemorative coins dedicated to Nikola Tesla presents these themes:

  • The War of the currents
  • Lord of Lightning
  • Wireless communication
  • Niagara Falls

You can store your collection of four coins in this tin collector's case. The lid is adorned with a portrait of Nikola Tesla, from which electrical discharges emanate to symbolize brilliant ideas. An integral part of the box is an insert with period photographs from Nikola Tesla's album.

Note: The collector's etui does not include a certificate of authenticity - this is supplied with each coin separately.


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