Collector´s box The legend of King Arthur

Collector´s box The legend of King Arthur

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King Arthur

Every old nation has a story about its birth. While some of those stories have fallen into oblivion or are known to only a handful of historians, others have spread throughout the world. One such world-famous story is about the British legend of King Arthur, which people have been telling for fifteen centuries. No wonder - we find a wise ruler, a powerful wizard, a queen, brave knights, fairies, dragons and a miraculous sword in a story full of honor, courage, love and betrayal.

All this also appears in the relief of silver commemorative coins from the four-part miniseries of the Czech Mint:

  • The motif of the first epic mintage is the struggle between the forces of good and evil expressed by a fateful duel between King Arthur and Sir Mordred - one of the Knights of the Round Table, who betrayed his master and became his enemy to life and death.
  • The second coin commemorates the meeting of Arthur and the Lady of the Lake, who gave the king a sword called Excalibur. The mythical blade provided its owner with extraordinary power. It made him an invincible warrior and an unquestionable king of all the British.
  • The third coin is dedicated to Queen Ginevra, who was saved from the clutches of Arthur's enemies by his best knight Lancelot. Although both were deeply devoted to their master, they could not resist the love that had broken out between them.
  • The fourth and final issue presents the magician Merlin accompanied by two dragons who destroyed Arthur's father's castle. The magician dealt with them, and so he could become the guardian and faithful mentor of the future king.

You can store a set of four silver coins in this collector's box. Its lid is decorated with a thematic illustration that commemorates the legend of Arthur's first weapon - a sword, which was trapped in a stone and which could only be pulled out by a rightful king. Moreover, the box includes an appendix with drawings by Asamat Baltaev, DiS. - the author of the coins.

Note: The collector's box does not include a certificate of authenticity - each coin includes it separately.


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