Collector´s box War Year 1939

Collector´s box War Year 1939

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War Year 1939

World War II hit every corner of the planet and became the largest and most devastating conflict in human history. No one had been able to imagine its course before, so it is no wonder that its stories continue to fascinate us till now. How did it all start in 1939? This is presented by a four-part miniseries of gold coins from the free cycle War Year.

The first coin commemorates
the establishment of the Protectorate of Bohemia and Moravia, which became a prelude to the conflict that erupted a few months later. The second coin is dedicated to the fight for Poland - the battle of the Westerplatte peninsula, which was the first encounter of World War II. The third coin commemorates the Winter War between the Soviet Union and Finland, which was another manifestation of hostile passions that were to engulf the world in the coming years. The final coin is dedicated to the Battle of the Río de La Plata - the first naval battle of World War II between the Third Reich and Great Britain.

You can traditionally store a complete collection of war coins in this stylish
collector's box. It is made of sheet metal - like most boxes used during World War II. The army equipment from first-aid kits to machine-gun ammunition belts was stored in metal cases before the plastics era. 

The illustration on the lid of the box bears the silhouettes of
Polish hulans - the Second World War was the last conflict, which was still affected by horse riding. The scene of the war is supplemented by the annual year 1939 and the mark of the Czech Mint.

A certificate, which is part of the box, is also dedicated to the Polish army.


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