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On the occasion of the 75th anniversary of the war in 1941, the Czech Mint issued a closed miniseries of four gold coins, commemorating the pivotal events, that has changed the course of World War II - the triumphant sinking of the Bismarck, the tragic siege of Leningrad, heroic battle of Tobruk and the insidious attack on Pearl Harbor.

These four coins can all the numismatists and admirers of the war craft save into a thematic collector's etue. Its processing follows on last year's box with the motif of the 70th anniversary of the year 1945.

It is made of a metal sheet as well, as the boxes used during World War II. In the army, before the onset of the era of plastics, almost everything was stored in the metal boxes - from a medicine chests to a machinegun cartridge belts.

The illustrations on the box depicts the silhouettes of an Allied soldiers - an officer alongside his men - when charging in the sands of North Africa. Among the heroes fighting against the Italian expeditionary force and the dreaded Afrikakorps of Erwin Rommel, the Czechoslovaks have also distinguished themselves!

The war scene is completed by the annual year 1941 and the logo of the Czech Mint.
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Code: E-1711V4-2000
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