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The Czech Mint publishes the fourth addition to the free cycle called The War Year in 2018. This time, the miniseries of four gold coins commemorates the 75th anniversary of the 1943 breakthroughs. At the same time, this collector's etui comes out to store the coin stylishly.

Battle of the Pacific Island of Guadalcanal, which was the first offensive of the Allies against the Japanese Empire; a tragic rebellion in the Warsaw Ghetto that has become a symbol of Jewish pride and courage; the Battle of the Eastern Front at Kursk, which has become the largest tank-up of all time; and invasion on Sicily, which was the key to the conquest of fascist Italy. These are stories that have their place in the thematic box.

It is made of sheet metal - just like most boxes used during the Second World War. Almost everything from the first-aid kits to the machine-gun hubs was stored in the metal bins before the arrival of the plastic era.

Illustration on the lid of the box carries the silhouettes of Soviet soldiers on the eastern front. It was inspired by propaganda posters that depict red-guards in heroic poses. The soldier on the left holds the legendary Shpagina machine gun, while the sniper rifle at the side looks through the Mosin-Nagant deadly repeater. The war scene is complemented by the year 1943 and the Czech Mint mark.
The certificate, which is part of the box, was dedicated to an American soldier who runs through the Pacific Jungle.

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