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The Allies launched the greatest offensive the world has ever seen in 1944, which is 75 years ago. Their goal was simple but not easy. They were supposed to help the Soviet Union in the fight and to liberate Europe from Nazi tyranny.

Even before they attacked France, the Allies continued their crusade in the south and started the battle for the ruins of the Italian Monte Cassino monastery. The legendary invasion of Normandy with the cover name Operation Overlord then opened a new front and forced the enemy to split forces between East and West Europe. In order to speed the victory up, they have prepared a monumental airborne operation called Market Garden that commemorates that the German army was not defeated in 1944. The Allies did not laze in the Pacific, and fought with the Japanese Navy in the Bay of Leytes, where the imperial pilots of the kamikaze proved they would fight to the last breath.

The four stories that appear in 2019 on the gold coins from the War Year 1944 miniseries of the Czech Mint can be traditionally stored in this stylish collector´s etui. It is made of sheet metal - just like most boxes used during the Second World War. In metallic cases you could have found the first-aid kits but also the machine-gun hubs.

Illustration on the lid of the box bears the silhouettes of American Rangers attacking the beaches of Normandy with iconic weapons Garand, Thompson and BAR. The war scene is complemented by the year 1944 and the mark of the Czech Mint.

The certificate included in the box is then dedicated to allied paratroopers who played a key role in both Overlord and Market Garden operations.

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February 2019
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