Collector´s case for 4 silver coins of Inventions of Leonardo da Vinci

Collector´s case for 4 silver coins of Inventions of Leonardo da Vinci

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Many historians and scientists worship Leonardo da Vinci as a model example of a Renaissance man and genius. He was unique artist and engineer with the extent knowledge both in width and depth.

Leonardo's life passion was flying. Since his childhood he'd been studying birds and trying to figure out how they could get out of the Earth's gravity. He perceived birds as perfect machines, and therefore it is no wonder that he attempted to imitate their characters technically. But dreams do not pay bills, so Leonardo had to deal with other branches. Although he loved life and considered struggles to be the worst human activity, he had made a number of designs of war machines that secured him the privilege of powerful patrons and sponsors.

The Czech Mint decided to transfer the magic of his inventions to commemorative coins on the occasion of the 500th anniversary of the master's death. The four silver mintages were dedicated to flying and war machines - you can find among them:

  • helicopter
  • glider
  • machine gun
  • tank

You can store the complete miniseries in this stylish metal box. Its cap is decorated with iconic Leonardo's study of the proportions of the human body known as the Vitruvian man. Inside you will find an illustrated annex in the style of a Renaissance sketch.


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