Collector's wooden case for four gold coins Period of George of Poděbrady

Collector's wooden case for four gold coins Period of George of Poděbrady

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George of Poděbrady was not an ordinary king. He became the only Czech monarch who did not come from the dynasty, but from the nobility. He was the only Hussite ruler in history, and at the same time he became the last purely Czech king since all the rulers who governed the Czech lands after him were members of foreign dynasties.

George of Poděbrady is often unjustly neglected compared to Charles IV. or Přemysl Otakar II. He was a monarch of literally European significance and many of his works, which became the theme of the collector´s miniset of the Czech Mint "The Time of George of Poděbrady", far outstripped their time. The King George is represented on gold coins in the following tasks:

  • The King of Two People
  • Diplomat of Peace
  • Controller of the Czech Kingdom
  • Husband and father

The collection of four coins can be stored in this decorated wooden etui. The crowned portrait of George of Poděbrady on the lid was inspired by a woodcut in Martin Kuthen's chronicle from the 16th century. The inscription on the front side "GEORGIVS PRIMVS DEI GRATIA REX BOEMIE" (George of Poděbrady, King of Bohemia by the grace of God) is based on the period groschen. The three stripes on the sidewalks then refer to the coat of arms of the Lords of Kunštát and Poděbrady, George was a member of.

Part of the box is also illustrated supplement with original drawings by the author of the miniset and academic sculptor Michal Vitanovský.


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