Commemorative mintages

Commemorative mintages, which are sought after mainly by collectors, commemorate important anniversaries and pay tribute to important personalities. They present purely domestic motifs, but also themes that are purely world-class.

The wide range of products of the Czech Mint will appeal to almost anyone - historians, sports enthusiasts, art admirers, nature admirers, technology lovers …

Investment mintages

The main purpose of the Czech Lion investment series is to preserve and appreciate financial resources.

Investing in Czech Mint coins is an interesting alternative for those who want to invest their funds into precious metals, but also want to own something that has its artistic, collector's and emotional value, which will increase over the years and can many times exceed the value of gold or silver.

Gift mintages

Gift mintages of the Czech Mint will be used on various occasions that require valuable attention.

Original, yet traditional gifts are intended for newborn babies, newlyweds, school graduates or just for fun and it is possible to engrave personal dedications on them.

Corporate mintages

The so-called corporate mintages are made by the Czech Mint to order for companies, sports clubs, educational institutions or organizational units of the state, but also private person.

You can have your own corporate mintage and it will become a prestigious presentation and will serve perfectly as a gift for business partners, a benefit for employees, a commemoration of a significant anniversary or a business item.

Coins or medals

Commemorative, investment, gift and corporate motifs appear either on medals or coins. Although medals are indistinguishable from coins at first sight, they do not have a nominal value, therefore, they are not legal tender.

The coins of the Czech Mint, which are issued independently of the Czech National Bank, are full-fledged currency minted with a foreign license. Their obverse side bears the necessary foreign attributes.

Attractive and practical packaging

Coins and medals of the Czech Mint are stored in security capsules which protect them from unwanted external influences, and then in various packaging that combine attractiveness and functionality.

The packaging can be made, for example, of paper, wood or sheet metal and supplemented with graphics or accompanying text. Each mintage also includes a certificate of origin.

Gold account

The Czech Mint's gold account is a kind of investment in precious metals that anyone can really afford.

Gold account, like building society account or occupational pension scheme, take the form of regular monthly payments. However, these payments do not accumulate in the account at the Czech Mint - during the savings period, they are continuously changed into investment coins or bricks, which are then valued.

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