Gold 5000CZK coin Jizera bridge on Tanvald-Harrachov railway line standard

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Since 2011, the Czech National Bank has been issuing a unique series titled Bridges of the Czech Republic including ten notable structures – in terms of history as well as architecture – which were built during the last eight centuries on our territory.

After bridges in Písek, Stříbro, Náměšť nad Oslavou, Praha, Lenora and Žampach, it was the turn of the Jizera bridge in May 2014. The nation-wide competition for the design of the gold coin organized by the Czech National Bank was won by academic painter Vladimír Pavlica in particular thanks to his precise depiction of the bridge architecture on the reverse of the coin and original use of two font types in the inscription Jizerský most na Trati Tanvald-Harrachov 2014 (Jizera bridge on Tanvald-Harrachov railway line 2014). The obverse side features three heraldic animals, the town emblems of Tanvald and Harrachov as well as the inscription Česká republika – Mosty (Czech Republic – Bridges).

In addition to being a remarkable piece of architecture, the Jizera bridge has a very interesting history. It is part of the railway line Tanvald-Harrachov that was built between 1899–1902. Its main purpose was to connect the Liberec and Jablonec regions with western Silesia.

In 1992, the 12km section between Tanvald and Harrachov was declared a cultural heritage site. It is known as "Kořenov Toothed Rack Rail" or "Polubenka" – and features a unique more than four-kilometre two-track Abt rack system. This well preserved system helps overcome the altitude difference on 235 meters where the maximum gradient is 58 per thousand, or the steepest in the Czech Republic. Kořenov cog railway is a widely popular tourist attraction both for its unique technology and for the splendid natural scenery visitors can see from the train. The 116.5 metres long and 25 metres high Jizera bridge is the best known construction on this railway line. It consists of a steel construction and brick pillars.

Gold 5,000 CZK coin 2014 Jizera bridge on the Tanvald-Harrachov railway line pays tribute to the skills of the Czech craftsmen, both builders and artists, and belongs to the best pieces in your precious collections.

15.55 g
999,9 / 1000
28 mm
Reeded edge
Author of the obverse
ak. mal. Vladimír Pavlica
Author of the reverse
ak. mal. Vladimír Pavlica
1800 pcs
Date of issue
May 2014
Red plastic case
Numbered issue
Czech national bank
Nominal value
5 000 Kč