Gold coin Path to Freedom - Jan Palach Week

Gold coin Path to Freedom - Jan Palach Week

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Path to Freedom

The four-part miniseries of the Czech Mint called "The Road to Freedom" commemorates the events that took place in 1989 - 30 years ago - and led to the Fall of Communism. The first gold coin was dedicated to Palach's week.

Even though the dissident groups announced the ritual act to commemorate the 20th anniversary of Jan Palach's self-burning to death, the regime opposed it and sent repressive forces against a few thousand people on Wenceslas Square on January 15, 1989. Earlier in such cases the rough force would work, but this time everything changed. The batons, tear gas, waterworks, dogs and armored vehicles raised an unexpected protest avalanche and the blast of resistance against communist power lasted seven days. Despite the brutality of the Public Security and the People's Militia, thousands of people were not afraid to risk their lives and freedom, which surprised not only communist representatives but also representatives of dissent. (All this happened paradoxically when the Czechoslovak government signed an agreement in Vienna that obliged them to respect human rights.) However, even with the end of the protests, the "Palach's Week" did not end. Brutality and subsequent persecution radicalized peaceful society and people were finally not afraid.

The reverse side of the commemorative coin made by medal maker Vojtech Dostal, DiS., presents the face of Jan Palach in simplified contours. There are the inscriptions "PALACH´S WEEK", "15. 1. - 21. 1. 1989" and "STAY FAITHFUL" whose distribution evokes the Czechoslovak flag. The obverse side which is common to all coins of the miniseries was dedicated to St. Wenceslas, which is the symbol of patriotism and continuity of our statehood. Since the coins of the Czech Mint are based on the license of a foreign issuer, which is the Niue Island, their obverse side bears its necessary attributes, which are the portrait and the name of Queen Elizabeth II, the nominal value of 10 DOLLARS (NZD) and the year of the issue 2019.

A complete collection of four coins can be stored in a thematic wooden etui, which you can also find in the offer of the Czech Mint.


Collectors set
Nominal value
10 NZD
Author of the obverse
ak. soch. Jiří Dostál/Vojtěch Dostál, DiS.
Author of the reverse
ak. soch. Jiří Dostál/Vojtěch Dostál, DiS.
Numbered issue
999,9 / 1000
7.78 g
22 mm
Gold paper case or Black leather case with special wrapper
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