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Gold coin War year 1942 - Battle of El Alamein proof

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The miniseries from the Czech Mint called The War Year 1942 continues. After the gold coin dedicated to the breakthrough battle in the Pacific, the second issue was set into a completely different environment - into the sands of North Africa at El Alamein.

The Egyptian town was the scene of one of the greatest tank battles of all time. Two legends stood up against each other - the unequalled German commander Erwin Rommel and the gifted British strategist Bernard Montgomery. Initially, it seemed that the German troops were exhausted by a series of retreats. However, their commander was not called "Desert fox" for no reason - he took an unthinkable logistic challenge (the nearest source of water was 1500 kilometers away, one tank was able to swallow up to 470 liters of gasoline per day, and air strikes took 80% of German supplies) and contrary to expectations, he attacked the British. However, the wild mobile battle soon changed into positional and the battle lasted for four months, during which it turned out that "Monty" was more than an equal opponent of Rommel. The flawless British supply ensured to their war machines an uninterrupted flow of supplies and heavy machinery. The victory of the Allies was overwhelming and determined the fate of the African campaign. The Germans fought almost to the last man, when Rommel issued an order to retreat when he had only 12 tanks left from the original 228.

War machines are the main motif of the reverse side of the coin which was made by expert medal maker Luboš Charvat. The relief captures the result of the tank duel, when the British M3 Lee tank characterized by two cannons won over the armoured German Panzer IV. Moreover, burning buildings are visible in the background and the Great British Flag closes the scene. The Arabic inscription states معركة العلمين, the "Battle of El Alamein". The obverse side belongs to the attributes of Niue Island (the issuer which allows the Czech Mint to coin its own coins), ie. the portrait and the name of Emperor Elizabeth II, the year of the issue 2017 and the nominal value of 5 DOLLARS (NZD). The composition of the obverse side is complemented by five helmets belonging to the nations who will appear on war coins this year - German, US, Soviet, British and Japanese.

The War Year miniseries 1942, four gold coins aside, completes the thematic collector's etue, keeping your collection in stylish presentation.

3.11 g
999,9 / 1000
16 mm
Plain edge
Author of the obverse
Luboš Charvát
Author of the reverse
Luboš Charvát
300 pcs
Date of issue
July 2017
Gold paper case
Numbered issue
Nominal value