Gold ducat National heroes - Alois Rašín proof

Gold ducat National heroes - Alois Rašín proof

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October 2017
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The third golden ducat from the cycle of the Czech Mint National Heroes proves that a hero in our modern history could have even been a man who did not fight on the battlefield, but in the territory of legislative body. He was named Alois Rasin.

Alois Rasin started out as a determined political activist. He had openly expressed his patriotic opinions, therefore, he crossed the Habsburg monarchy, which sentenced him first to the imprisonment and then to the death penalty. However, Rasin survived and became one of the "Men of October 28" - the founders of independent Czechoslovakia. The post of Finance Minister secured him an extraordinary economic outlook. Despite opposition, coalition partners and public opinion he made extensive monetary reform that kept the economy of the newly created state. The other Central European countries in the post-war crisis that did not have their "Rasins" tried only to delay bankruptcy. The US dollar reached 1:15 million against the Polish mark in Poland; in Hungary, the crown fell to the value of three tenths percent; in Austria, 15,000 crowns were offered for one pre-war crown. On the other hand, the Czechoslovak crown was, thanks to Rasin, 2216 times more valuable than its Austrian namesake. While other states started to use złoty, pengö and silink after the collapse of the modified Austria-Hungarian currency, its name survived in Czechoslovakia as in the only successor state of monarchy. Instead of gratitude, however, Alois Rasin's assassination, to which the minister succumbed, was committed. Rasin also made efforts to create the Czechoslovak golden ducat just before the assassination. Its proposal with St. Wenceslas portrait was brought to the hospital, however, unfortunatelly he did not live to see the mintage.

Therefore, it is convenient that the destiny of Alois Rasin inspired the workshop of academic sculptor Jiří Dostal to create the mintage of golden ducat of the Czech Mint. The obverse side of the ducat bears a portrait of Alois Rašín, based on the first-republic 20 CZK bank note, surrounded by his name, dates of birth and death of 1867-1923 and the life motto WORK AND SAVING. The author himself then spoke about the reverse side as: "The reverse side composition consists of one of the stamps necessary for monetary reform, attached to the disc symbolizing the coin. There is a linden leaf taken from a banknote printed in 1926. The text of THE CZECHOSLOVAK CURRENCY MAKER is partially muted by a mate which reminds the violent interruption of Rasin's work. In the opposite direction, the text of RASIN'S MONETARY REFORM is displayed along the circumference of the symbolic coin. An inscription with a tragic message "SHOT BY YOUNG COMMUNIST" is placed diagonally across the composition. "

Each ducat includes a sophisticated thematic packaging which contains an essay of our expert modern historian PhDr. Petr Koura, Ph.D.


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Czech mint
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ak. soch. Jiří Dostál
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ak. soch. Jiří Dostál
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986 / 1000
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20 mm
Czech Mint