Gold ducat National Heroes - Sir Nicholas Winton proof

Gold ducat National Heroes - Sir Nicholas Winton proof

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May 2019
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National Heroes

The charitable work that Nicholas Winton did on the eve of World War II is one of the most remarkable in our modern history. Therefore, the Czech Mint dedicated the gold ducat from the National Heroes cycle to him.

Even to historians dealing with the history of World War II and the Holocaust did not know Nicholas Winton 31 years ago. Today, however, there are few people in the Czech Republic who do not know Nicholas Winton. His name is associated with the self-sacrifice, solidarity and rescue of 669 children who should have been put in the gas chambers of the extermination camps by the German Nazis. “There was no doubt about his inclusion in the National Heroes edition, even though he was the only person from this collection who was not a Czechoslovak citizen and did not speak Czech. Among other things, Nicholas Winton arouses admiration because he saved the Jewish children as a volunteer, at a time when many people, not just in his native Great Britain, believed that Adolf Hitler's aggressive policy would result in another world conflict,“ historian PhDr. Petr Koura, Ph.D. explains and adds: "Nicholas Winton is also the only one in the series National Heroes I have seen with my own eyes. Despite the fact he saved hundreds of people, he remains modest. I got the impression that Nicholas Winton wondered why such honors were being given to him – he takes it for granted to help people in need. He also did not forget to emphasize that more people were involved in rescuing Jewish children… ”

"The name SIR NICHOLAS WINTON placed in the copy on the obverse side of the ducat was deliberately reduced compared to other issues from the National Heroes cycle - it emphasizes the modesty of its bearer." This feature is also expressed through Nicholas Winton's depiction from profile. Other characteristics of the hero include the inscriptions CRYSTALLINE HUMANITY and 1909–2015. It could not miss the English flag, ” academic sculptor and author of the ducat Jiří Dostál says. The reverse side of the ducat presents the text SAVED 669 CHILDREN FROM THE OCCUPIED CZECHOSLOVAKIA complemented by the Star of David and fragments of Nazi symbolism.

Every ducat includes a spectacular packaging in the form of a book containing a professional treatise by Petr Koura, a renowned historian and expert on Czech history. The complete series dedicated to national heroes can be stored in a practical collector´s box.


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Czech mint
Author of the obverse
ak. soch. Jiří Dostál
Author of the reverse
ak. soch. Jiří Dostál
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986 / 1000
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20 mm
Czech Mint