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Gold half-ounce medal Battle of Zborov proof

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The Czechoslovaks were preparing for the battle of Zborov in 1917. Most of them probably had no idea they were ​​writing a new chapter in Central European history. Now, 100 years later, they own a gold medal coined from a half an ounce of pure gold.

The east front of the First World War was in chaos. The Russian Tsarist regime was overthrown and replaced by a socialist government. The anti-war Bolshevik agitation gained power and the army lost its fighting ability. The last big offensive headed by General Brusilov was to avert the decline of the front. He knew well that his units were decimated and demoralized by pacifist propaganda, and was therefore looking for capable and brave troops, which others would follow. At that time he came across the newly formed Czechoslovak shooting brigade. The unit of the general attracted the attention with its patriotism and incredible resolution and he placed it in the battle of the Ukrainian Zborov. Originally, the main wave of conflicts should have been fought by the Russians. However, they failed and the Czechoslovaks took over the initiative. They broke all Austrian defensive positions and dominated the battlefield. Though the offensive eventually failed, it was a great victory for the Czechoslovaks. They showed the world they were fighting on the side of the Agreement and deserved their own state. And General Brusilov? According to legend, he paid tribute to them.

The gold medal of the experienced medal maker Luboš Charvat is part of a free cycle from the Czech Mint, which represents the most beautiful unrealized designs submitted to a competition by the Czech National Bank. ”I pictured one soldier, one Symbol of Czechoslovakia on the obverse side of the coin," says the author. The attacking soldier is accompanied by the czech lion with one paw placed on an austrian military helmet. Inscriptions are BATTLE AT ZBOROV, 1917-2017.

The reverse side belongs to the soldiers attacking the buried Austrian position. The scene is supplemented by the names of the Czechoslovakian shooting regiment JAN HUS, GEORGE FROM PODĚBRADY and JAN ŽÍŽKA FROM TROCNOV.

Each of just 99 numbered medals is illustrated with a certificate of authenticity, which tells the story of a memorable battle.

15.56 g
999,9 / 1000
28 mm
Plain numbered edge
Author of the obverse
Luboš Charvát
Author of the reverse
Luboš Charvát
99 pcs
Date of issue
June 2017
Burgundy leather case
Numbered issue
Czech mint