Gold one-ounce medal History of Warcraft - Battle of Domstadtl proof

Gold one-ounce medal History of Warcraft - Battle of Domstadtl proof

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The eighth gold medal from the History of Warcraft cycle follows the issue of the academic painter Karel Zeman. It commemorates the crucial Battle of Domstadtl.

Prussian King Frederick II
began another key stage of the Seven Year´s War in 1758. He did not let himself be discouraged by the failure of the previous year when he was defeated at the Battle of Cologne and had to withdraw from Bohemia and he invaded Moravia. The fortified city of Olomouc, which he besieged, stood in the way. However, the brave defenders stayed till the Prussians used up all the supplies. King Fridrich set out a supply convoy towards Olomouc so that the siege could continue. It was not an ordinary convoy. It extended to a length of 45 kilometers as the Prussian convoy set out. It counted on 4,000 cars, 2,500 oxen and 11,000 soldiers. The Austrian General Ernst Gideon von Laudon was commissioned to stop the convoy. Laudon encountered the transport first at Guntramovice, and although he was forced to retreat, the Prussians could not speak of victory. Many of their wagons remained immobile after the battle, the coachmen fled in fear, and some of the supplies passed to Austrians. Prussian commanders decided to reorganize the convoy and repare damage - and it was a fatal mistake. The Austrians took the time to prepare a new ambush, for which they chose an open space surrounded by wooded hills near Domstadtl. The seven-hour battle began on June 30, 1758. The Austrians let the front of the Prussian convoy pass through, and then launched the artillery fire on the troops. Chaos began, but the Prussian commanders managed to build a wagon wall and resist tenaciously. The convoy was lost when Laudon's reinforcements came and closed the Prussians with a semicircle. Prussian units were totally paralysed by its destruction. It was impossible to besiege Olomouc without proviant and ammunition, and the Prussian army was condemned to perdition in case of assault. Fridrich was forced to retreat even he was close to victory. General Laudon saved not only Olomouc, but also Moravia and Vienna thanks to his triumf.

Academic painter Karel Zeman dedicated the obverse side of the medal to the portrait of the winning general. He added the imperial eagle and the monograms belonging to Maria Theresa and Emperor Francis I. "I showed the fierce battle of the border guards with the Prussians on the reverse side of the medal. The booty of the Austrian soldiers was immense There were two million tolars in silver and gold besides food, ammunition and horses. The border guards with the sabres were opening the barrels of money, throwing the silver thalers on the ground and taking only gold," explains the author.

Each of just 100 pieces of numbered gold medals is complemented by a special certificate of authenticity with the accompanying word of the author, drawings and historical text.


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Czech mint
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ak. mal. Karel Zeman
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ak. mal. Karel Zeman
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999,9 / 1000
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Burgundy leather case
Czech Mint