Gold one-ounce medal Stories of our history - St. Wenceslas proof

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The equestrian monument of St. Wenceslas is not only an artistic dominant of Prague. Monumental sculpture is an important part of national identity, and therefore belongs to the Czech Mint's commemorative medal from the Stories of Our History cycle embossed from a single troy ounce of pure gold.

"St. Wenceslas, the Duke of the Czech Lands, our Prince, let not perish us and the future." The patriotic password immortalized on the pedestal of the monument, which dominates the Wenceslas Square, clearly describes the attitude of the nation to the holiest Czech patron. Přemyslid Prince Wencleslas is perceived as a hero who, when it is the worst to the Czechs, gets up from the dead and heads off the Blaník Knights for help. It is no wonder, therefore, that the sculptor Josef Vaclav Myslbek attributed the saint as a warrior in a nationally conscious period at the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries, when our country was in the harsh arms of the Habsburg monarchy. It is also no surprise that the most important events of the turbulent czechoslovak century took place in the shadow of the Knight's statue in full armor. The republic was proclaimed in 1918, which means 100 years ago, when totalitarian regimes took power and people expressed their determination to fight for truth and justice. Even in quiet times, the equestrian monument remains our guide and place to meet at celebrations, manifestations, but also private meetings that people traditionally conceive "under the tail".

The author of the collector´s cycle is MgA. Martin Dasek, who donated the obverse side of the medal to the overall view of the monument, which was supplemented by the excerpt from the text on the pedestal "SAINT WENCESLAS, LET NOT PERISH US AND THE FUTURE.” The reverse side of the medal then captures the moment when the statue was still reworked and presents a copy composed of the name of JOSEF VÁCLAV MYSLBEK and the years 1894-1925, when the monument had been created.

Only 100 pieces of gold medals of the weight of one trojan ounce will be produced. Each is manually numbered on the edge and complemented by a special certificate of authenticity.

31.1 g
999.9 / 1000
37 mm
Plain numbered edge
Author of the obverse
MgA. Martin Dašek
Author of the reverse
MgA. Martin Dašek
100 pcs
Date of issue
June 2018
Burgundy leather case
Numbered issue
Czech mint