Gold quarter-ounce medal Look-out tower Krásenský vrch proof

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The popular series Look-out towers from the Czech Mint presented five magnificent structures through commemorative medals of pure gold. At the end of 2015, alongside the look-out towers Zaly, Cvilín, Joseph Tower on Kleť, Babylon and Štěpánka included another unique observation tower - Krásenský Hill. Its grandeur is particularly striking in brightness and is a top-quality proof gold quarter-ounce medal.

The basics of the look-out tower were laid on a hill near the village of Krasno near Karlovy Vary in July 1933. The building was opened to the public in 1935 - thus all the work took a place in the period of the economic crisis, so it is no wonder that the implementers of the project pushed for the maximum reduction in costs. During the implementation, a stone quarried from the hill on which the tower stands was used - therefore, a small quarry originated on the site. Local children were also helping the workers during the mining. In the period of the German occupation, the look-out tower was called "Adolf Hitler Warte" or "Hitlerka" in a Czech slang and perhaps that is why, after World War II, it was hardly maintained and gradually fell into disrepair.The reconstruction was carried out in the 1990’s thanks to the initiative of the descendants of the original building.

Josef Oplištil is the author of many Czech medals and coins. We can also admire his skills and fresh approach to the topic on this Gold quarter-ounce medal Krásenský Hill Look-out Tower. The obverse and the reverse are both dominated with a spiral structure whose model was apparent in the Tower of Babel. An unusual outer staircase on the reverse becomes a part of a simplified landscape, from which emerge the names of the Slavkov Forest peaks: "PODHORNÍ HILL", "THE GOVERNOR"  and "LYSINA"  In the background, the scene is bordered by the inscriptions "ORE MOUNTAINS" and "KLÍNOVEC". The obverse is devoted to a similar theme with the name of the medal, Krásenský Hill Look-out Tower and the brands of the author and the Czech Mint.

The medal of gold weighing one-quarter ounce invites you to upgrade your collection with this new gem from the popular series. Save your financial reserves sensibly and with finesse!

7.78 g
999,9 / 1000
22 mm
Plain edge
Author of the obverse
MgA. Josef Oplištil
Author of the reverse
MgA. Josef Oplištil
500 pcs
Date of issue
December 2015
Burgundy leather case
Numbered issue
Czech mint