Gold quarter-ounce medal Stars of the silver screen proof

Gold quarter-ounce medal Stars of the silver screen proof

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September 2019
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Stars of the silver screen

The Czech Mint commemorates leading Czech actors in the free cycle entitled Stars of the silver screen. Firstly, it introduced Karel Fiala, aka Lemonade Joe. Then the characters Rudolf Hrušínský, the cheerful Vladimír Menšík and the charismatic Jiří Kodet were immortalized in pure gold. František Filipovský is the fifth actor who appears on commemorative medals.

František Filipovský, a native of Přelouč, composer and member of the provisional Theater Orchestra, was born in the family of flutist. He inherited musical talent, but he enjoyed acting more than playing an instrument. He did not complete his studies of history of art and aesthetics at Charles University and dedicated himself to the theater. He acted at
the most important Czech scenes as the Liberated Theater and the National Theater - but his public appearance has been particularly popular in front of the camera. František Filipovský has proven his comedic talent in various big and small film roles over the course of several decades, and it is interesting that during the opening broadcast of Czechoslovak television he became the first Czech actor to perform and to improvise live on TV screen. The versatile actor was rightly awarded the titles Meritorious Artist and National Artist. A separate chapter in the artistic legacy of František Filipovský is represented by his voice, which made him famous in the film dubbing. The French comedies featuring Louis de Funès would certainly not become legends without his masterpieces. František Filipovský died at age of eighty-six. The dubbing artists have been awarded the František Filipovský Award in his honor since 1995. The Czech Mint became its official partner since 2019.

Commemorative medal from the studio of medal maker
MgA. Martin Dašek presents two portraits of František Filipovský - the first one is traditional and the second one, which is also the logo of the František Filipovský Award, is stylized.

The schedule of issuance counts only
100 pieces. Each medal is stored in a special packaging that represents the actor and his most famous roles.


Czech mint
Author of the obverse
MgA. Martin Dašek
Author of the reverse
MgA. Martin Dašek
Numbered issue
999,9 / 1000
7.78 g
22 mm
Czech Mint